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Saw the Mort play at the con yesterday, was good. Mort himself was particularly well cast. Didn't really get to much else, too tired, but chatted and caught up with a few people.

Also got to crash in Philip's room (yay!) for an hour or two. Think I threw him somewhat - when he left I was on the couch, when he came back, I was on the floor. Nice thick carpet and I could stretch out.

The con seems to be running smoothly. I've certainly seen far more experienced committees do a noticeably worse job. While I mainly went to the con as moral support, I'm findng myself enjoying it as much as most cons, and would seriously consider going to another. It's fun, there are lots of hall costumes, and a good vibe.

I think that, because Pratchett's work is heavy on the humour, most of the people turning up are wanting a good time and a laugh. And that influences that whole feel of the con.
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