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Mobile Phones (Parte the Third)

So broke away from the con yesterday for a couple of hours to head into town to look at pda/phones. Virgin mobile didn't carry them, but I found the young lady there was most helpful at suggesting other places to try - no attempts to suggest I try one of their phones, no push of their plans, just genuine help - hooray for good customer service!

Also found out that the i-mate and the dopol are exactly the same unit, from the same company, with the same features, rebranded. Given that there is around a $300 difference between them in price, this is an important piece of knowledge to have.

The thing I liked about the Dopol is also that thing I hated about it. It has a decent sized slide out keyboard. The thing I have about mobiles is I want as few moving parts as possible - to me flip-tops and slide out keyboards are just another point of failure waiting to happen.

Still looking, but figuring I may have to go with a standard phone, so long as I can find one cheap enough. If the phone costs too much, then it becomes a situation where it makes more sense to spend the extra. Not like we have the extra, but we can find it, just don't want to have to.

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