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Send over the netball team, I'm on a roll!

Today was a day of minor victories and achievements for me.

I got up and did a quick clean. Then spent a quarter hour delighting in being evil to shazgirl (nudge her to find out details). Then exercised and had a glorious shower. Attacked my email, trying to get it down from several thousand to something more manageable, one of the prices paid by my severely reduced capacity to concentrate. Then I laid down for while. When I got up, I watched George Reeves as Superman, ate, did shop stuff, had another lay down, sorted a little bit more, did my meditation/visualisation work, set the washing going, turned the mattress... and collapsed.

What is good about this is, it wasn't actually a high energy day. And on any ordinary day I might have gotten one or two of those things done after exercising. I think I may have turned the corner - there's a point you reach where the exercises you're doing are still hard, but the act of doing them gives you an energy boost - so rather than my normal, half-day wipeout from exercising (a major reason why 100 Days posts have lessened) I still felt tired but also amped up and wanting to do more. I think taking more rest breaks helped, but I just felt charged up after my exercises and managed to keep my momentum going afterwards.

Of course, I may well pay for this tomorrow. And the day after... And the day after...

But it was a good day without me having a random high-energy day.

Other things of interest to some of you below the cut

Had a highly sexed day as well. Much closer to my normal levels and still sitting at that level even now at the end of the day. It's been nice, feeling like my usual randy self, rather than the tired, dirty old man.

The visualisation was interesting. Hadn't done one in a while and didn't go quite as deep as I usually go. But spoke to my guides about a few different things. One of the things suggested to me was that whatever illness I have also has a spiritual component, so curing the physical won't be enough, I have to look after the spiritual as well.

See, I warned of new-agey wankiness *grin*

I don't consider myself a spiritual person. My guides may be spirits from an other realm, or they may be personifications of aspects of my subconscious, or they may be something else entirely. I don't take them any more seriously on a conceptual level than that. What I do know is that they sometimes pose questions for me that help me think about problems in new ways, and that following their guidance often works out well for me. Plus they tell me when I'm being a dick, and everyone needs that in their lives :)

Of course, they've yet to tell me I'm being a dick by talking to them, but that's what my friends are for :)

So, the idea that my weird illness has a spiritual component is interesting, no matter how you view it. Whether that means a literal sickness of the soul, or whether it just refers to the mental and emotional price it's exacting on me, I don't really care. It basically reinforces something that is common knowledge - the problems of an illness can go beyond the merely physical.

What was nice was having such a good day and being told that the inner work I'm doing is positive. Nice to feel like body and soul are moving forward :)
Tags: health, identity

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