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Why today was good

Okay, it started a little rough, woken from deep sleep by a friend of mine ringing me after a rather late night. But she's a great mate and is now my Vice Prez so Yay! It's all good. It was just a little bleary and confusing first thing.

Then I checked email and found that a story I had sent to Borderlands had been accepted! I was rather chuffed, I must say. I have a lot of respect for Borderlands and a fairly low opinion of my own abilities and it took a lot of work to get myself to send off that story. It's also a slightly personal one, so it's nice to know it was liked. It was actually described as 'depressing as hell but well written.' The well written had me smiling like mad, the depressing as hell... well it was sort of meant to be a bit nasty. I keep setting out to write funny things and they always turn dark. Weird.

Then I pulled a plastic bag out of my backpack. It had been given to me the night before and in the three seconds I held it in my hot little hands before chucking it in my backpack, I noted the Doctor Who videos inside. These were the vids I had loaned to a mate of mine doing a comedy gig. When I opened the bag this morning there were two wrapped presents inside!

Scott is doing a Comedy Festival show called The Super Happy Robot Hour. It features Optimus Prime from the Transformers and a dalek sharing a house after being kicked off TV. It's funny stuff and well worth seeing. Anyway the first prezzie was a cast photo.

The Cast of Super Happy Robot Hour

Why did I receive this lovely gift? Because I did a short animation for the show. Below is a frame from the animation.

''...little green bag...''

So, can you guess the second gift? That's right, I now have my very own Reservoir Dalek! Bloody cool!

Are you gunna bark or bite?

So then Sharon and I go to the bank to get the loan for the work on mum's place. Got approved on the spot! $50,000! Things will be tight (mum's needs a *lot* of work done) but we've got the cash. Sharon says I'm not allowed to spend a sizeable portion on DVD's.

Except for Lexx and Doctor Who ones! Woohoo!

Then we went to mum's and got cleaning. Got through a bit, got our skip delivered and I'd picked the size dead on (8 cubic metres), and heard back from the windows guy. Caught up with Mondy briefly after we were finished, both in person and on the phone, headed home and had nachoes for tea! Nachoes! You're all jealous I can tell, and you should be because they were yummy. Yay!

Even my answering machine messages were wonderful today! I sat, listened and wiggled with happiness!

And after this I go to bed. And I'm not setting the damned clock. Yay!
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