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Todays been a good-ish day. Medium strength/energy/balance meant that I got some stuff done.

Answered a few emails, took the dog for a half-hour walk (with tiny bursts of jogging), and my shower didn't kill me. Also had a few overwhelming bursts of toey-ness at odd moments, instead of my normal background buzz. That was weird. But most importantly, I finally dealt with something that has been bothering me since before I left Melbourne - and bought a new copy of Explore Australia.

I haven't been able to find my old copy for ages. I knew it was bothering me, I didn't realise how much it was really aggravating me until I had to once again try and look up a town in NSW online, and couldn't find any maps that gave me an idea of where it was in relation to here. So I cracked it and with the last of my energy, headed into Civic to buy the latest version of Explore Australia. On picking it up, I immediately felt the relief of having, in one book, the routes and information on anywhere in Australia I was likely to want to go. *happy sigh*

I paid more than I would have liked, but after a couple of months being in a new state with no idea where any town is in relation to us, it's worth every cent. Never realised how much I relied on knowing where things were, even if I didn't need them, until this move. It's very important to me to be able to say, "Oh, this town is there. I can get there going this way."

Broken Hill, a place I've always wanted to visit because so many important Aussie films have been shot there, is only 1000 km away! Canberra to Perth is only a 200-300 km more if I go via Mildura. And if I'm going via Mildura, I can visit my favourite Auntie! I need to know this stuff to feel happy, and now I do. It gives me the freedom just to go somewhere when I want to.

Of course, after searching for five months, this means my old copy will turn up in the next couple of weeks.

But that's okay. It will make a nice present for Hespa if it does. Hespa and I are looking at doing the Nullarbor trip together. If I find my old copy, she can have it to browse through and go "Been there! Been there and there and there... Oh, been there now! Ooohhhh... what's this? They have what? Want to go there next!"
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