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Public Service Announcement

"From the makers of the The Official Fan Clue Bat(TM) comes their new line in fannish soap - Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM)

Do you have problems with Smelly Malodourous Offensive Fen, or as we like to call them, SMOFs? Well, get rid of SMOFs today with, Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM)

This handy soap is 95% guaranteed to remove those lingering odours... Video Lounge Junkie, No Room So No Shower, and of course, 3-Day Gamer.

If Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM) doesn't deal with your SMOF problem, either because they smell so bad, or because they won't use the soap, simply place the soap in a sock and beat them with it until they leave!

Or for an small extra price, you can purchase The Official Fan Clue Bat(TM). Simply pummel your SMOFs with this stylish Real Pine Bat until they either realise they should wash, or they leave. You need never touch them again!

Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM), available at caring Conventions everywhere!"

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Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM) and The Official Fan Clue Bat (TM) are both subsidiary companies of Fuck-Off Fanboy Inc.
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